Your CFD Investments Will Be Secured With 500pips Advance Safety Measures

If you also invest in CFD and trade-in equity, forex or other CFD markets, then you need to make sure that the platform has all safety features that safeguard your investments from the moment you add the money for buying till the moment you withdraw the amount after closing the position. Form review shows that this platform has it all to prevent any security threat and eliminate all chances of a breach.

Faster Money Adding And Withdrawals With Encrypted Gateways

At 500pips, you will get a speedier money transaction that is essential so that you don’t miss any opportunity to buy a stock share at a low price. The bank transfer or e-wallets payment methods make it possible to quickly add money to the trading wallet and buy the product seamlessly.

You also get a faster withdrawal rate and several choices of feat money accounts to withdraw the amount to. Also, the broker provides leverage funds to use and trade when you are short on cash and want to buy more stocks. All payment gateways are secured with encryption methods to hide the banking details. You will also receive OTP as a part of two-step authentication before making any transaction on the platform.

Fast UI And System App Support Cryptocurrency Trading 

Cryptocurrency price can fluctuate largely within seconds, and therefore it is crucial that the application does not lag or has any bug in it. Any delay in executing the trade could cost you high amounts when dealing with cryptocurrency. Therefore, 500pips has a team of professionals who keep the platform bug-free, and regular maintenance of the application keeps it up-to-date and working with utmost efficiency.

500pips mobile and web applications will keep updating your feed regularly during market hours so that you can stay updated with the most recent price of every product.

Welcome Bonus And Education Centre Are A Treat To All Clients

  • The education centre is a portal on the website where you will find several e-books collection, seminar recordings and video tutorials from experts who spread knowledge regarding the stock market and trading. This portal is open to all 500pips clients, and you will find it mentioned in most review that this is the one primary reason for preferring this platform over others.
  • Another thing to like about 500pips is the welcome bonus which varies according to the account that you buy. But, surely, you will get at least 20% extra credit as a bonus on the most basic package after your first deposit.

Now you know about the benefits of joining 500pips instead of any other forex or CFD broker, and these are the same reasons why others prefer this platform more. When you start using 500pips, you will find that there’s nothing that you are missing out on at this site which you can find anywhere else because it is the most advanced trading platform which is equipped with modern technologies and features.

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