Our Story

Andy and Guillaume met each other at their business school when they were 18 years old. They both wanted to found a debate association in their school and the DEAN made them meet. They decided to work together and cofounded the association.

The success of this project and the pleasure they had to work together made them to continue this partnership, and thereby, they did an internship in the same company the following summer.

After this experience, they started thinking of an entrepreneurship idea in the technologic sector. They both began to work on it while they were studying abroad (Guillaume in England, Andy in Australia). However, when they got back to France, they didn’t feel passionate about what they were doing.

After couples of drinks, they decided to forget this project and to focus in founding a company related to the French culture and in a sector they like.

Their one-year stay out of France made them realize how France is seen as the country of the most refined products.

They began to think about bringing it across the world and “share France everywhere”. Their love for the food and France combined together made them to think about the creation of a crêpe chain. Indeed, they realized that you have chains of everything except Crepes…

When they started thinking about this idea, Andy thought about his girlfriend grand-mother, as she makes the best savory crepes in the world !

However, a couple of months later, series of events made them put their project on the side and focused in other projects.


The grand-mother is a wise and talented Frenchwoman living in the small Amorican village of Brittany in France. In 1965, after having sold her original bakery, she transformed her humble garage into a little crepes factory. The smell of her delicious crêpes quickly attracted the whole village.

Everyone wanted her recipe. She, supposedly honest and naïve, readily revealed the three main ingredients: flour, water and salt. “That’s it!” But, she never revealed any quantities of each; she declared she had never measured any ingredients and never wrote any recipe…In reality, she just couldn’t bring herself to reveal the secret of her savory crêpes.

They were the best crêpes in Brittany and, therefore, the best crêpes in the world.

As they were near to finish their studies, Andy and Guillaume had to think about their professional career and to make a clear decision. Both of them weren’t interested by dedicate their life in a company and were really sure they wanted to launch their own project. As they were lunching together near Place de la Madeleine in the center of Paris, Guillaume told Andy that selling crêpes in a cart in Central Park could be a very interesting and exciting project!

Three months later (and after having written a Business Plan, raised money and learned how to make the best crêpes with the grandma), they arrived in NYC. Nine months after their arrival in Manhattan, it’s not in a cart that the 2 friends finally opened but in a physical store, in Tribeca. By Suzette is borned April 8th of 2014 with the first of hundreds stores in America.


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